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What I Managed To Do Today

My day and what I am happy I accomplished.

I had a nice, warm shower because the weather here in Australia has FINALLY decided to cut us some slack. I love warm showers. Some days I don’t feel up to having a shower, let alone enjoy it, so it was a big win.

I’ve finally begun to feel somewhat creative. I actually WANTED to sit down and draw. In the end I managed to semi-figure out what I’m going to paint on my blank canvas I prepped about 3 weeks ago. I just keep staring at it letting my imagination run wild.

It’s tied in with number two but I am proud of myself for actually physically dragging my butt outside and sitting down to paint. A lot of the time I do “feel” creative but I don’t get that urge to actually do it. I just sit with ideas swirling.

I covered some rocks in glow-in-the dark paint. I brought said paint to use in my artworks but it is very difficult to spread and I’m still learning (or deciding if I still want to use it). I decided to give it another go with this new painting and then covered the rocks to use along the garden path.

Ate half a chocolate Easter bunny. Hey, it’s an accomplishment.

Helped my father move some bits and pieces around the farm. He is trying to clean the place up because stuff has begun to accumulate. I’m not sure if it’s because my parents might want to sell this place soon or just getting it out of the way before he is too old to do it. Either way I’m happy that I can help out.

I got excited. I haven’t allowed myself to get excited about much lately (because of personal reasons) but I feel as though I’m now in a place where I can let myself be happy and think about the future. Get “fired up” so to speak – inside joke with myself because I’m a fire sign.




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