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Moving Forward (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

In the beginning when I went on social media (namely Facebook) I became rather upset and depressed. Seeing all of my friends actually able to live their lives while I was stuck with autoimmune diseases and panic disorders was way too much to bear.

The second time I returned to Facebook after deactivating my account I had, I suppose, come to grips with the fact that I couldn’t change what had happened. I tried to get involve with everything that was going on but eventually I just sat in the dark reading about what everyone else had on their minds and looking at what adventures they were having.

Now, 2016, after trying my absolute best not to slip back into the cave of my mental illness I find myself becoming quite angry but yet motivated to, again, pick myself back up and charge back out there. I see the relationship that couldn’t be what I wanted it to be, I see the friendships I was in the process of watering into great ones, I remember the feelings of absolute bliss that I could finally experience life the way I wanted to…

…and rather than become depressed I feel like formulating a plan. How do I get back to that place again? How can I help myself? What do I need to know? When is the right time to gently push myself again?


And that’s got to show progress, right?

I for one am hoping 2017 is a little more forgiving.




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