Almost Done

I know there is a joke going around the Internet of 2016 being the year “one doesn’t speak of” but seriously, it has been a real fucker of a year, hasn’t it?!

Now we’ve stepped foot into December. Who knows what this month will bring.

According to numerology this is a 9 year (2+0+1+6) but for me it is ALSO a 9 year. That makes a lot of sense considering what has happened in my life and also what has been happening around the globe. So that means, for both myself and the world, next year will be a 1 year – no longer endings but also new beginnings!

At the moment I am still working through a lot of things with the acupuncturist I found in my old city and of course my parents are helping me. I am in a little bit of pain most days.

It’s getting warmer here, as with most parts of Australia, but it’s very, very dry. It’s extraordinary considering the amount of rain we had over the Spring time – but apparently it only takes a week or so of intense sun to soak up all the water.

For the most part I’ve been helping my father around the farm. He is not having a great time health wise either at the moment, so together we sort of make one capable farm hand.

Yesterday I found two different types of spiders, one quite big female wolf spider, and another little spider in a rose. Today, however, I crossed paths with a frog, a huge huntsman spider and a tiger snake.

Yep, first snake of the season ran from yours truly. Now the only place it’ll be safe to sit outside will be right in the middle of the backyard where the ducks and chooks are – they are great at warning everyone if something is nearby.

We also have a family of King Parrots that found out we put scratch mix out for the chooks and after enjoying some of that kept coming back. We brought them some large parrot mix for every now and then, and now when the male is hungry he comes and sits at the back door and follows you around the farm.

Hopefully more updates to come.


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