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Boring Boring, With A Cup Of Boring

So before I went to bed last night I;

  • Made a ginger tea (fresh ginger)
  • Soaked my feet in lavender oil and sea salts
  • Rubbed my feet with a coconut based skin lotion
  • Had a shower
  • Covered all of my itchy areas with one of the creams I brought from the chemist
  • Took a night time cold and flu tablet (natural version)
  • Took an antihistamine tablet
  • Made a hot water bottle

And then jumped into bed bracing myself for another unpredictable night.

The great news is I managed to make it through the night without any totally crazy itching episodes! I did wake up at 1:30 am and had a bit of a restless time between then and 6 am, but when I did finally decide to wake up I didn’t feel grumpy or tired.

But holy cow did the itching come back in full force around the 7 am mark. I pretty much had to get out of bed, jump in the shower and put on a new lather of cream to stop the sheer wanting-to-rip-my-skin-off horror.

However, I am so very grateful that I found something that soothes the intense itching feeling. Now if my body would just settle down and not do this, that would be great.


Unfortunately I did pick up a cold from somewhere but it’s not too bad. I had a little sinus pain this morning, and that weird ringing in my ears/blocked/fuzzy feeling in my head, but I was still able to feel relatively normal.

Keeping up the hot lemon teas and all the goofy natural stuff I take instead of drugs because the drugs make me drowsy. I think it’s not such a bad one because usually it hits you bad at night and apart from sneezing and feeling a bit goofy I feel fine.


And as every other person out there I am sitting here thinking about all the nights I’ve felt well and took it completely for granted. It’s funny to get so caught up in your own little dramas and forget the fact that your body is well enough for you to go about life in a relatively normal manner.

Everyone needs the nudge to look after themselves better sometimes, hey.


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