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Counting Crows

image source: http://www.smh.com.au

I was having a look online just now, surfing through the usual sites, wondering where I was going to live, how to get unstuck, thinking about perusing jobs online, when my concentration was broken by the call of a crow.

The reason why it got my attention was the fact that I seem to have a special bond with these particular birds. Not in a sense that I stand outside and call to them and they land on my arms kinda bond, but something a little other-worldly.

I’m not entirely sure when it started but I remember a time long ago when my struggles were just starting and I was asking, or I guess you could say, praying, for help.

All of a sudden I started to notice crows showing up out of no where. No matter where I went they (or just one) would show up in a tree above me and start calling. Sometimes it would land on a bench or pole in front of me and do the same.

When my auto-immune disease was at it worst, I had troubles of the heart, my depression or anxiety was driving me crazy, I would see them every day.

Over the past few years I’ve gradually forgotten about my friends. To be honest I haven’t noticed them around and I suppose that’s because I’ve been doing quite well.

That being said, it’s not about forgetting this bond – because it came to my mind straight away when I heard this crow outside my window. It also made me remember the other day when I was sitting on my couch thinking about my life and how stuck I felt, when a crow called out as it flew over my house and landed in the tree across the road from my apartment window.

I’m not entirely sure why crows or what they are trying to say, but I’m grateful that perhaps in some way I am connecting to nature or the universe in some way. The raven is supposed to be a very smart bird after all.

Almost as if they are the messengers to say “it’ll all work out” just like it usually does. The right place always comes along, the money always turns up when it needs to, the job finds it’s way to me, the inspiration always strikes when it’s meant to.


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