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I can’t believe it is Tuesday night already.

I’m currently at my parent’s farm keeping them company and doing jobs around the house.

I also needed to get away from my place. It is beginning to become somewhere I dislike being. I left my birds there – I hope they are doing okay.

So I’ve basically been pretty stressed out. Between work, my house, visiting my parents and waking up the next day with the symptoms of a UTI, I am tired.

Just need to catch a break, you know?

Anyway, enough of that stuff.

The good things about the last few days is it has been absolutely beautiful weather here. Usually ANZAC day calls in the freezing temps but it has felt like summer in the sun.

Today I washed the windows around the house, took my parents food shopping and gave the cockatiel Cookie a lot of cuddles.

Yesterday I moved a few piles of cuttings that my brother had stacked after he did a huge pruning around the house and helped my dad burn some of it off. I also went for a bike ride (I got my bike serviced and it runs like a dream) and hung out with my duck Quackers and the 3 chooks my dad has that roam around the yard.

I also got my car washed in the city before I came to the farm so it looks all clean and sparkly.

I’ve also slept all through the night which I haven’t done in such a long time. Usually I wake up at around 3 or 4am but thankfully I sleep right until the sun gets up here.

I am going to be here until Thursday, or perhaps leave Friday morning. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my car’s tires realigned (because apparently I can’t get it done in my own city) buy some canvases with my dad, and then hopefully do a couple of laps with my bike.

I know I feel better after exercise so have to get back on that.

So, again, things have been both up and down.


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