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I’m Sure Crazier Things Have Happened

Debating what to do about a pain in my nose. Well, it’s not actually IN my nose, it’s more the space between my nose and my mouth, making my upper lip area sore to touch and my two front teeth ache at times. It started yesterday around lunch time for no apparent reason, hasn’t really got any worse (or better) and I don’t feel like I have any other symptoms.

I mean, if I was a normal person I would have been to the doctors already, or at least would have called the doctors and made an appointment for tomorrow.

But I’m not a normal person; I’m a person with anxiety. Anxiety that makes any form of waiting absolute torture. I can actually handle it if I am with somebody I trust, but since my parent’s cannot drive over to help me, and my go-to friend for this is out of the country, I would have to do this alone.

My parents said it’s possible I may have a bacterial infection and probably need to get antibiotics however that sort of scares me because me and antibiotics have never, ever got on in the past. As in, 3rd day of the course and I’m vomiting bile because my body is like, “what the hell is this crap?”

Due to terrible reviews of a walk-in medical centre nearby open until 10pm I think I will wait until tomorrow morning and ring my normal doctor. I should have rung today at 2pm when I thought of it, but that darn frigging anxiety got in the way again.

Maybe if I cross my fingers before I go to sleep tonight and pray real hard it will have gone by the time I wake.

I’m sure crazier things have happened.


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