Rant A’hoy!

It’s 10:30pm and even though I know I should be in bed ready for a good night’s rest before getting up early and heading to work tomorrow I am at the computer reading random things online.

I’ve been oddly unwell since Sunday night, which has gradually become better over the week, but every now and then I still get rocked with waves of nausea. I’m hoping that it’s just some sort of gastro bug because it’s pretty weird.

I do have a shift at work tomorrow that I’m still going to attend regardless of if I feel like bringing my guts up or not. It’s getting to the stage now where I think my managers are concerned a similar pattern is emerging again from over a year ago. Being sick a lot and not being able to come in for shifts on a consistent basis – especially now since I’ve practically begged my manager for more hours.

It’s one of those moments where I could become extremely frustrated and angry at my body or myself; one of those “oh, okay, we’re playing this game again I see” moments. But I suppose that doesn’t really get me anywhere so I should just do what I can and see what happens.

On another note my downstairs neighbours are beginning to be the bane of my existence. Yes, I’m probably overreacting, but they have been an absolute pain in the butt. At least with my next door neighbour he only plays loud music every once in a while, albeit extremely bassy and annoying. My downstairs neighbours however, are another kettle of fish altogether. They have been yelling at each other for weeks now, slamming doors and windows out of the blue – honestly no one needs to slam a door that hard – and now it seems like they stay up late watching movies (only know this because I can sort of hear it) and having people over, sitting outside drinking and smoking until late on weeknights.

The weird thing is it’s only happened since around Christmas – before that I never really heard them at all.

They can get away with it too, because they’re young. They can stay up late and still get up for work at 6:30am. Us oldies though, with our increasingly early bedtimes need quiet.

I don’t think I’ll put up with it for much longer though. I am thinking about complaining to the body corp about their constant after hours noise. I know you might think that’s a bit rough but hey, I’ve been going back and forth to the hospital to visit my mother who just had brain surgery – I’m fucking tired of this bullshit.

People just need to learn common fucking courtesy.

I think it’s extremely funny that even though I am extremely pissed off at these people I’ll still tippy toe around my house as to not upset anybody.

I think it would be great to just put all the quiet people together in one area of the city, all the party people with each other, all the music lovers with each other, and all the families together. That would certainly help with figuring out where one wants to live!

Anyway that’s my rant.

Goodnight all.



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