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I am not someone that would be lost without my phone. If you challenged me not to use it for a week, I would probably up the reward because it would be money in the bank.

That being said, I have it around me a lot when I’m bored… because I’m bored.

I talk to people on it because I am about to pool into mush of boredom.

Ironically, whenever I am in the mood to talk to people they are no where to be found…

…and when I say, “right that’s it! no more phone! Time to get busy” I find things like my romantic interest standing at my door for twenty minutes waiting for me to hear him knock happening. I am in the zone, feeling inspired finally to create a work of art or what have you, and there’s always someone to interrupt!

Later, when my romantic interest finally leaves 2 hours later (even though he was only stopping for 5 minutes), I had him, my best friend and my ex partner, who is now one of my best friends, all messaging me at once.

So much for Dad’s Christmas present, right?

There is another instance where this happens a lot, and that’s with work. When I’m a casual they almost ALWAYS call me to come in on a day I feel like utter crap! Really? Hahahaha

Anyone else find that this irony follows them around?


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