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What Does 29 Look Like

I’m 3 months into my 29th year alive and so far 29 is shaping up to be a pretty good time.

For me, personally, 29 has a lot more freedom in it than the past 10 years combined… but I suppose that’s due to the amount of work I’m putting into being a better version of myself. I’m no longer afraid to flip myself over and have a look at the shadow parts – no matter what has happened I try my best to deeply and completely love and accept myself.

It’s hard, but if I can look at others that way surely I can do the same for myself.

So far 29 is waking up. It’s deciding whether or not to continue a past pattern and carve a new one out for myself. 29 is choosing to wake up happy and, even in the face of disappointment, remain ecstatic to be alive.

29 is knowing that although you might not be where you’d like to be because of obstacles in the past, you can always start fresh in every given moment. It is also knowing that even if you can’t do it right now, there’s a possibility that it could happen tomorrow, or the next day, or the next.

When I look at those around me I can see that everyone is at a different stage. Some have budding careers. Some have husbands, wives and children. Some are alone and still looking for love. Some have had it all and lost it through no fault of their own. Some are in big cities, some are in small country towns. Some love what they do, and some can’t wait to get home. Some still have no idea what they want to get out of life.

And then there’s me.

The 29 year old who finally believes in everything that they are.

My life on the outside might not be what you’d expect a 29 year old life to look like but having at least one moment of pure, loving bliss every day – a moment that has me grin from ear to ear and want to hug every single person in sight – to me I am completely and utterly what 29 looks like.


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