Stupid; Or “The Car Story”

I did something really stupid this morning. Something I haven’t really done since I first got my P plates (or was I still on my L’s? I can’t remember). I know it was an accident but I am actually quite ashamed that it happened.

Right out the gate this morning, driving my car out of my driveway, I glanced both ways and saw 2 cars a bit further down the street. Since my car is a supercharger I could easily race out in front of them… and I’m not entirely sure where this compulsion to “be ahead of everyone else” has come from recently… and so I did.

However, what I DIDN’T see, they must have been in my blind spot, was a dark grey SUV already on the road where I was about to pull out to.

Hand to God, I had NO idea it was there. Thankfully they pulled out of the way because I didn’t see the car until I was directly on top of them (thankfully not literally). I think it came as a shock to both of us. Me, not believing that I could do something so stupid, and them, not believing that someone could be that stupid.

After the shock wore off, the car in question pulled up to the Give Way sign and beeped their horn. I wish I could have held up a sign to say, “I’m sorry!!!” and I really do hope it didn’t affect their morning too badly.

I’ve been feeling rather off lately. Not quite myself and also quite physically ill. I know that’s not an excuse though.

See, good people make mistakes. I am 100 times sorry to those people/that person driving the SUV and I promise that I will slow my butt down now; not just in the car but in life in general.

Nothing is worth getting run off the road for.


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