Our Skin Touching, Our Energy Melding

The last two nights have been a bit of a blur. A wonderful blur, but a blur no less.

The man whom held me in his arms over a week ago has done so again.

It is the weirdest thing in the world. I know I don’t want a relationship with this man however when I am around him I am at ease. A sense of total calm – and that goes for the both of us. When I see him in our day-to-day lives he cannot sit still, has to constantly be talking, teasing, moving, a mile a minute; but once I gently coax his walls down I can finally see the person he hides and that’s what I know my energy is drawn to.

We were in my bed for 2 hours last night, sometimes talking, sometimes not, just with the calm realisation that we weren’t alone; our skin touching and our energy melding.

It’s as if I met a close friend I didn’t even know I had. A member of my family. The totally weird part is I’ve been around him for 4 years and yet it has only been in the space of 2 months that he has come to the forefront of my reality.

I don’t know why, but I’m not questioning why either. Sometimes I just know I’m supposed to be something for somebody – as long as I keep my promises to myself about my boundaries, which he is fully aware of.

This time around I’m upfront, I’m responsible, and there’s to be no bullshit.


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