It’s Important To Be Alive

For a hell of a long time I thought emotional balance meant having my emotions in check.

I wasn’t supposed to swing to either too happy or too sad, too excited or too nervous, too joyful or too frustrated. I was taught that to yell, be angry, throw things, be too excited, sing out in happiness, were all poo-pooed.

I guess most of us were taught that.

All I’ve really felt in my life have been emotions manifesting in my body, but it seemed as though I was different because I felt them a lot stronger than those around me. My friends could deal with theirs – why couldn’t I?

When I got a little older I heard all about these “yogis” or “spiritually enlightened” people who always smiled, never raise their voice… it’s kind of creepy I suppose, but a great goal to try and reach when all you feel are emotions intensified and all you want is a little peace and quiet.

There’s only one problem for someone like me… emotions are important.

Emotions are what makes us living. I would say “human” but anyone who has had any interactions with animals, even plants, know that they feel too.

Emotions – feelings – are what encourage creativity, problem solving, to want to do well, to strive for more.

No matter how compassionate, how wise, how loving and joyful, how spiritual – feeling is normal. Even Jesus, someone who was full of faith, love, compassion, and composure cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

Everyone has their moments.

We have to trust in our ability to bounce back. That’s what emotional balance is. Our body’s innate ability to level out.

Even if you become depressed, scared, angry, sad, overwhelmed, anxious, laugh too much, the muscles in your mouth hurt from smiling too much, can’t handle the love…

…just know that if you stop feeding the emotion, accept it, and decide to balance out – your body will respond and help you to level out.

I know it’s hard to stop the thoughts. Sometimes I can’t either.

It’s important to feel what you’re feeling. It’s important to get that energy out. Change that voice inside that says, “don’t make a scene, don’t cry out, don’t be who you are.”

It’s important to be alive.


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