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Sensitivity Is Strength

Remember how I talked about Deja Vu last week? And how I was a little freaked out because I had it twice in the one day?

Well, it got very intense for me over the past 5 days.

I learnt all about control.

And boundaries…

….but most of all, about personal power.


We all need to take responsibility for the things we think, the meanings we put on things, and take ownership of how we feel.

Sensitivity is strength. Don’t let anyone tell you differently – don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that strength equals muscles, not showing emotion, being unphased by life, and not expressing yourself.

The people in our history who we admire were strong within themselves, WITH their emotion.

They didn’t close themselves off, they let themselves feel; to love, to be compassionate, to stand their ground and lose judgement.

If you’re struggling with anxiety find out why. Why are you ignoring your true self? You have a direct line with the part of you who knows what’s best for you – and it’s constantly telling you that what you’re thinking/feeling is not true.

Every time I tried to drive my car and thought, “I can’t do this”, my stomach was filled with uncomfortable feelings and my anxiety got worse.

As soon as I started thinking, “you know what? this is kind of hard, but at least I’m trying” that feeling began to lessen. Pretty soon, if I continued to honour myself, I could say, “I really enjoy driving!” there would be no fear, no reaction; just bliss.

Turn what other people call your “weakness” into your ultimate strength – the superpower of being able to know every minute of every day how you feel and if what you are thinking is in alignment with your boundaries, goals, hopes, dreams; but most importantly WHO YOU ARE.

I’m going to be the first to say to you all, and to myself; you are the strength the world needs right now.

It’s not your responsibility to think, feel, or react to anything anyone else does.

It’s your responsibility not to lie to yourself anymore.

Be compassionate to yourself, for Gods sake. No one else is going to love you the way you can.

Tell yourself a different story – that’s the way you can turn your life around in every second of every day.

Let yourself.

I know you may think it’s easy to try and be like other people, but both you and I know it’s not.



2 thoughts on “Sensitivity Is Strength

  1. I learn so much from you! The last month has been horrible with losing the job and being made to feel so faulty. Thanks for this very encouraging post!

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