Can’t Someone Else Do It?


Have you ever heard of a little thing called Numerology?

It’s the addition of numbers in your name/birthday to give you an idea of the kinds of things that can help you/could possibly be hindering you in life… to put it quite simply.

For example, if your birthday was the 3rd of September, 1972, then you just add 3+9+1+9+7+2 = 94/13/4

You have all of those underlined numbers to work with.

Me, personally, well… I have a 4 in my numbers.

One of the big attributes of the number 4 in numerology is the simple premise that you must follow the formula. You need to make a plan, you need to follow the steps, to reach a goal. Someone who has a four is often impatient – the “lesson” so to speak is to learn that in order for things to be completed, settled, for things to move forward, you need structure.

The funny thing is, four people often hate structure – but only the structure they don’t find helpful. Or, they could be following the same pattern, the same formula, and it’s not doing anything so they feel stagnate… and thus hate structure.

For a long time “can’t someone else do it” was my motto because none of the structure around me was helpful. I also wasn’t helpful for me to have my head up in the clouds all the time with big dreams and absolutely no idea on how to make it happen.

But that’s what four is all about – breaking down big goals into really, small, tiny, followable steps.

My “can’t someone else do it” attitude didn’t work. Sure, it worked when I was a kid because we don’t really have my responsibility when we’re that age, but when you get to be an adult it’s all on your shoulders.

Now that I understand this wonderful quality I possess I can break out of my old patterns with the knowledge that I can get somewhere if I face what I find hard.

The most important thing, as I suppose is true in all areas of life, is to make sure it’s fun.

Fun, fun, funnity, fun.


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