Blah, Read, Dream (instead of Eat, Pray, Love)

I’m feeling a bit blah lately. It’s probably because of the weather here, it leaves much to be desired, because my life in general is not boring or lacking in excitement.

Like this morning, for example, I took a glass of water to the kitchen with the clear intention to “take my medication now so I don’t leave the house without taking it”. I don’t know what happened between my bedroom and the kitchen, because it was about half way to work before I realised, hang on a sec – I didn’t take my medication!

I debated whether or not to turn around because I have missed a dose before with no horrible side effects, however I didn’t really want to risk it so I went back. I darted into work just in time, well, what I thought was just in time (I was only one minute late) but that was enough time for my managers to think I wasn’t turning up. One of them was already in their office getting ready to call me!

So, I make my own fun I suppose.

I’ve mostly been rekindling my love affair with books. My days and nights (if I’m at work all day) are pretty much eating and reading. Since I acquired a huge box of 60 books about a month ago, I’ve read 6 which is a huge step up from 0!

My dreams are becoming increasingly realistic and my daily life is often finding itself all wound up in said dreams. For example, I blow-dried my hair last night before I went to sleep and low-and-behold, someone in my dream was using my red hair drier.

I’m often finding that sometimes I recall a memory and I can’t remember if it was from a dream or if it really happened to me. Then I can ask myself, “have I ever been on a plane before?” or “do I actually live on another planet?” and I can usually work it out.

If anything this is only further fueling my itching feet and wanderlust. I used to be quite content because of this ability to travel in my dreams, but I never wake up feeling fulfilled like I used to. As real as the dreams are, it’s not the same… is it?

Anyway, I’m heading towards the lull that should be “take a nap time” but at work becomes “eat as much chocolate as possible time”, so I’ll be signing off.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


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