It’s amazing how someone you get along with so well, and who can make you laugh away the troubles of the world, can the next minute have you cursing under your breath.

I had a pretty good day at work today, all things considered, and I came home rather full of energy – at least I felt that way after I had dinner.

I put the dishwasher on, washed the stuff that couldn’t go in the machine, picked up after myself, and by this stage I was feeling rather tired but oddly satisfied.

Then, I get a phone call.

It’s my ex asking how my day was. I’d rather not talk to anyone at this point but the sooner I answer questions and what not, the sooner it’s all over and done with.

I ask him what he is doing tonight to which he replies he has “work to do” referring to the small business we’ve started. Actually, he says he has a lot to do and then asks me, “feel like helping?”

I replied with, “I do help.”

He then goes into a giant rant about how, for someone who is getting 40% of the profits, I don’t seem to do much of the “work.” This, of course, is meant in a jesting sort of manner, but I can feel by his tone that he really believes I don’t pull my weight.

He says something along the lines of, “I might have to bump you down to a lower percentage.”

I start to get aggravated for two reasons.

One, the nerve of this man to tell me that I haven’t been pulling my weight! I was there helping make decisions on the packaging, the design, the logo, the lettering, packing the product, figuring out that the label maker he brought actually did print out stickers, I made the banner for the website (he argued that he had asked months ago for it and I did it last minute – but he seems to be forgetting that a) I got it done – not only that but I gave him THREE options, and b) WE MOVED!) and got up at 7am on Sunday to be with him at the local markets until 12 pm.

The second being that my ex is someone who takes the reigns of something and won’t let go – he won’t take advice from anyone else, won’t let them fix a problem, and completely disregards perfectly good ideas just because he doesn’t understand them.
Countless times I have tried to help him with something only to get waved away, and an hour later have him come to the same conclusion I was trying to get across to him earlier.

At this point, in the phone call, I start to give him one word answers. “Yes” and “No”.

“You’re grumpy aren’t you”

“Yes,” I say on the phone. I wasn’t grumpy a minute ago, I think to myself.

“Okay, bye!” is the last thing I said.

I’m seriously considering taking a smaller cut of the profits if it will get him off my back but I know from experience with this man that even if I was only in on 0.01% he would still expect me to work my butt off.

Anyway, that’s my ramble.


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