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My Walls Are Leaking – Call The Coconuts!

This morning, during our usual morning briefing, I sat down and started consuming my morning banana. One of my co-workers started talking about some person on T.V. telling everyone that eating too much fruit was bad for you, to which I replied “everything in moderation!” He nodded and said, “that’s my motto!”

It’s funny how everything these days is “bad” for you but also “good” for you at the same time. That’s why I pay no attention to what anyone says about food. I’ll eat what I feel is right for me…

As I was reading through a list of foods that were better for your gut (if you have “leaky gut” – a condition where the gut lining is damaged and things that shouldn’t get into your bloodstream do) the other day I found that most of the fruits it mentioned were fruits that are abundant during the summer time.

I thought, perhaps that’s another reason I love summer. Apart from the glorious sun and the lack of cold weather (my body does not agree with the cold) I think, without realising it, I was feeling healthier because I was eating those fruits more often.

Things like berries, peaches, plums, apples, and apricots are all, apparently, kind to the gut – not to mention all the good nutrients they contain.

Over the past week or so I have been really suffering from my “leaky gut” – I knew that all those chocolates I was woofing down last month would come back to bite me on the butt. Once chocolate touches my taste buds though, I’m a goner. That’s why now that I’ve forced myself away from it (mostly because of the immense discomfort I’m in each day now and the fatigue plaguing me) and I reach for one lone chocolate bar… I quickly come to my senses and mentally slap my hand away.

I will spare you the details of how it feels and what is happening in my gut.

I used to take a supplement from my health guy if my gut starting doing this, but he said, “start taking coconut oil – it does the same thing and you can just buy it from the supermarket. It’s in abundance and it’s cheaper!”

I brought some coconut oil last night… I put it off for a long time because I don’t like it, but if it turns out to be as wondrous as I’ve been told then I will hold my nose and my breath each day for a good cause. If it works for me then it will alleviate a lot of the anxieties I have about traveling – because I would be able to find coconut oil where ever I go!

Good thing about winter coming up is I can add it to a bowl of soup or a stew and not be any the wiser. Plus, coconut oil has an extremely high tolerance to heat so you can rest assured that the benefits of it will reach where they need to.


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