It’s Weird How They Say Hello

Well, I am now 3 books down, only 60 odd more to go!

Yesterday at work, quite a busy day at work actually, I was rostered to be at reception – greeting, that sort of thing – and towards the end of the day I met with an older couple coming in to see a particular exhibition.

I couldn’t believe my ears – the gentleman had exactly the same voice as my Grandfather. I kept my composure, trying not to explode from all sort of different emotions bubbling inside me, and directed them to where they wanted to go.

I was a little taken aback.

I meet hundreds of people a day and of those people I would say a high percentage would be seniors, and not once have I met a man with the same mannerisms, tone and warmth that my Grandfather spoke with.

My Grandfather’s family came from Scotland, so he had an odd mixture of Australian accent and a little Scottish, and as you can probably understand a little rare.

I felt saddened, however I thought how odd this is so close to my Grandfather’s passing… perhaps he was saying hello in that weird way the other side tries to get your attention. It was nice to feel that despite him leaving the physical world, he was maybe closer now to my family and I than ever before.

When I didn’t quite know what to do with myself after that encounter, I dashed upstairs to ask for a hug from one of my co-workers and then went into the bathroom so a couple of tears could seep out.

Well, I suppose I should start packing my things and getting ready to go. I asked my father on the phone this morning, “what does one (as in, a lady) wear to a funeral?” and I had him quite perplexed too. Like I said, our family and friends seems to be of the ilk that want to live forever so we haven’t had much experience in this area.

Take care, Internet.


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