Wild Everything

Lately I’ve dived right back into reading every night – I don’t think I have been this possessed by books since I was about 12 years old. Most of them have been romance novels, but romance novels with a pretty good story, mind.

Besides, if you love something it’s best not to try to jump in too quickly. I know that if I’d tried to learn a 10th Grade level piano piece when I first pressed my fingers upon my keyboard in 2010 I would have become bored, frustrated and given up.

It has made me want to write again, actually. The more I read, the more my imagination flies. I begin to see the world a little bit differently – and you might have noticed the way I’ve been writing my posts lately has changed a little too.

Tomorrow I am heading back to my hometown with my family. I’m not particularly looking forward to my freezing childhood home, but very much looking forward to holding my mother in my arms and giving her a giant hug. Then we will be heading to Sydney, the place of wild weather lately, for my Grandfather’s funeral.

I’m not sure who is going to be there – of course my Grandmother, and my mother’s sisters and brother – but apart from that, I am unaware of which of my cousins will be attending or if there are friends of the family coming. I don’t imagine it will be a big affair, after all, my Grandfather was in his nineties and so far outlived any friendships.

I can tell something is happening inside my gut at the moment – I have perhaps eaten too much sugar, or have had too much of something that isn’t helping the healing of my intestines – but I don’t really have time to deal with it. I went shopping with my ex last night and stocked up with as many vegetables as I could fit in my basket.

I’m planning to cook them all up tonight, and eat until I am full… full of vegetables.


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