Life Never Slows Down

Even though I now have my own space, and thus can do whatever I like in my down time, I’m finding that I still don’t really have any down time… at least at the moment.

Being on a roster at work is great for consistency and structure but I’m finding it hard to scope out any sort of balance. On the days I’m not working I make the mistake of doing something. Before I know it, I haven’t had time to sit down with a cup of tea and a book.

I’ve also taken on some more responsibilities, namely looking after my (ex)partner’s vending machine.

The first day I have off this week (Thursday) I have to drive to the mechanics for my car to be serviced, take out money from the vending machine, put more chocolates/drinks into said machine, drop my (ex)partner off at work in his car, take the coins to the bank to be changed to notes, have my acupuncture appointment, then my family is coming to visit and we’ll probably all go out to lunch.

Actually, I’m looking forward to seeing my family. My brother is up from Melbourne and my mother and father finally don’t sound stressed when I talk to them on the phone. My mother is talking about retiring – she doesn’t really find any joy in her work anymore – but I keep telling her to make sure she has a plan for something to fill her days with.

Me having a job and finally being over the hump of my health being slightly off constantly must give my parents peace of mind. The last thing I would want to do is keep my mother working just because I can’t support myself.

I had a very weird day with my medication (for anxiety) – usually if I miss a morning taking it, that afternoon I become seriously tired. As in, physically cannot get up off the lounge or keep my eyes open. On Sunday I believe it was, I had a moment where I had to stop and think whether or not I took it. Considering it was already 3 pm in the afternoon, and I probably would have crashed already, I took it as read that I had swallowed the little bugger.

This morning, however, I took my tablet and found that I was one up – I was supposed to run out Thursday but I had one more left. So, I did miss taking the tablet!

I am pretty surprised that I didn’t feel any negative affect of it, but I as downing massive amounts of chocolate so perhaps that compensated!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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