Life With A Cockatiel

In the morning, I am super excited to see you. If you start crashing around in the kitchen I might decide to practise my upside down flying skills.


When you come and say hello, I’ll start to whistle and want to have a talk.


In fact, if I’m in a good mood, I’ll talk all day!

If you want to do anything involving a screen – use the computer, your phone, etc – I’ll want to know what it is you’re up to.


Oh, and I poop EV-ERY-WHERE!


I like to play!


Oh, and I clean myself about 20 times a day… so be prepared for fluff to float past at any given moment.


If I’m grumpy, you’ll know about it…


…but most of the time, you’ll find me doing weird things.


Or destroying anything you love.


What can I say, I’m absolutely adorable. I guarantee if you invite one of my brothers and sisters into your life, I’ll bring you years of happiness!


(all photos used were found online – I do not own any of these adorable pictures)


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