Sugar And Willpower (And Easter)

Hello, Easter.

Man, I am having some pretty intense dreams lately.

Close friends turning on me for absolutely no reason, being grilled and interviewed over things I can’t change… doesn’t put me in the best mood when I wake up. I’m sure it all means something but I would just settle for a restful night’s sleep at this point.

The weather is starting to turn now, and I reluctantly have to say goodbye to Summer and thus functioning as a human being. The lower the temperature drops below 20 degrees the more I feel like hibernating.

I tell you what else, Easter is not the easiest time of year to look after your health. I’ve already eaten two Easter eggs (albeit one of them was vegan – but incidentally delicious) and there are many, many more calling my name. Not at great time to be obsessed with sugar but trying your absolute best to stick to things that will benefit the body.

Sort of a test in a) keeping promises to myself, and b) willpower.

I know Easter isn’t supposed to be about chocolate and bunnies but in my childhood home we didn’t really honour it in any other way. We barely even got chocolate – my mother brought one egg for my brother and I each. As a person addicted to sugar I wanted to devour the whole thing then and there, but we could usually only eat a quarter before our mother put them away.

Then I would go to my friend’s houses and they would have baskets full of eggs. Even months later they would still have many of them left… but were also very reluctant to share. That boggled my mind, cause all I was asking for was one tiny egg.

Anyway, that’s enough about chocolate.

My new place is slowly coming along. Once I get it all sorted out, then I can take some photos and share it. I tell you what, Gumtree is the best place to find second-hand stuff for really cheap. Yesterday I picked up an antique coffee table for $75! It has these big flaps that open up and the whole thing is hollow so I have somewhere to store all my paints and canvases. My faux leather couch was only $170 and my dining table just $150.

I should continue to clean and store.

Happy Easter


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