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Life Like A Weirdo

This morning you would have found me dramatically driving to the local small supermarket to buy a lemon for my usual hot lemon drink and then zooming off to work singing along to MMMBop in the most irritating way possible. If you were passing me, or sitting next to me at the lights, I think you would have been either amused or frightened.

I often find that if I start the day in a silly mood it makes the day go a lot better.

Moving is going well – my (ex)partner has been fabulous in helping me move all the heavy things with his friend. This afternoon we are picking up a new bed head to go with the second-hand mattress I brought. Usually I wouldn’t buy something second hand, but I figure if I get it professionally cleaned (which they are really good at doing these days) it should be fine.

Monkey has been very friendly lately; I think because Sandy is sitting on her eggs Monkey is feeling a tad lonely. He is a lot like he used to be, actually, before we brought Sandy.

Still no word (or sight) of an apartment/house for my partner but there’s no rush. I was starting to get rather frustrated but I think it has passed. Just the idea of eventually having my own place/space is enough to keep the mood light.

It’s kind of hard though, because we both still love each other, but every time I do anything remotely different he says, “you’re changing, I don’t like it” – however he is just misconstruing my tiredness after a long day (and just wanting to relax by myself) as somehow directed at our relationship.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never been on this side of the break up before. I am usually the one that is dumped. I don’t know how people do it!

I’ve eaten a whole block of chocolate (to myself) in 2 days!

Busy time!


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