Drama… Thousands Of Them…

I don’t mind it though, and neither does my cockatiel Monkey who is sitting on my laptop oblivious to all the stuff humans have to do in their day to day life.

So, I picked up the keys for my new place yesterday and went to check it out. It all looks fine (it is a lot smaller than I remember, so I think the shrinking fairy got in) apart from a few things the owner has to remove from the property.

My partner showed me a nice lounge online that I ended up buying for 190ish – so I pretty much have all the basics now. Fridge, washing machine, bed, kitchen table and lounge.

We are having a bit of drama at our current place… for some reason the last water bill we received was over $500. Weird, since there are only 2 people living here and our water bill is usually between $80-100. So, there are investigations going on as to the cause of such a high reading – I am super glad my (ex)partner is dealing with all that because if it was up to me I would have just paid the bill and been done with it.

Thankfully, my new place has a body corp so I don’t have to pay for water!

Once I get it all sorted there, I’ll share some pictures. I am still super excited about it.

I had a great appointment with my acupuncturist this morning – I was feeling so much like I was in space that my waking life felt like a dream. I kid you not. When I got off the bed I felt heavy, as if my whole body had weights attached. I even had to sit back down again to avoid falling over to one side.

I’ve made a vow to myself that I will pay more attention to what I need so I don’t ignore important signs that warn me about impending lift-off into outer space.

Anyway, I’m sorry to not regale you with amazing tales, but things have been so busy!


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