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Stress Tunnel Vision

I’d just like to take the opportunity at this moment to thank everyone who reads my blog, and also who take the time to like and comment. It’s not an Ego thing for me, it’s just nice to know that I can connect with others in a way that I can’t really do in real life. I keep my emotions and life very close to heart, that’s how I’ve always been, and I just don’t tend to vent at all in my waking life.

So, thank you!


I’m starting to get a little slack with my diet and general health habits. I think that this whole situation at home is really stressing me out subconsciously and rather than take time out for myself and relax I’m turning to sweet foods/foods I am intolerant to, which I can really start to feel doing a number on me.
I also don’t really feel the motivation to do the things my acupuncturist taught me to boost my body, or I’m doing it half-arsed and wondering why I still feel groggy. I suppose missing my medication twice in 3 days doesn’t help either.

I get to pick up the keys for my new place on Thursday, which I’m really excited about! I plan to have it as minimalist as possible and thankfully the landlord has agreed to my cockatiels being there which is wonderful. We have the huge cage for the two of them but I don’t really want that at my place, or at the very least it will be their outside cage. I find it too hard to keep the house clean with that one inside, with all their fluff and the grit that we put on the bottom for them to nibble on and to soak up the droppings. Half the time I wake up in the morning to find the whole floor around them COVERED in grit which is an absolute pain to clean up.

The whole thing with my (ex)partner is starting to get hard. He is starting to get more and more clingy every day, and I am getting more and more annoyed to the point where I keep on nudging him about getting his own place because I just want to get away. It’s horrible to say because I adore him and he’s a great guy but my mind is made up, and I don’t think I’m going to go back on my decision.
To give credit where credit’s due, he has been trying extra hard – I came home yesterday to Sushi for dinner and fresh flowers.

Anyway, not much else is going on with me, just same old stuff – sorry to be so uneventful. To tell you the truth, stuff has probably happened but I’m blocking everything out. I think I have a bit of (stress) tunnel vision going on.


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