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The Weekend That Couldn’t Slow Down

What’s up, blogging land?

Man, it has been ages since I logged on. To tell you the truth I haven’t really felt much like writing lately.

Things are still a little odd at home – my (ex)partner is still being very sweet and caring, however even though I was concerned that he didn’t “get” it about us being separated and he assured me he did, lines are starting to get crossed. He said to me last night “are we really broken up?” to which I had to nod my head.

I was thinking of getting out of the situation because I’m starting to get a little frustrated. I have been accommodating towards his need for closeness because he is still my best friend and everything, but I’m starting to crave my own space. It’s getting to the point now where I’m starting to get a little angry.

I have offered to help him as much as possible, even letting him stay with me at my new place (oh, by the way, I got a place!) until he finds somewhere on his own, but I sort of think that has stumped the urgency and I am fretting more and more about the amount of time he will actually be in my new home.

I want this new place to be mine; my space, my energy, my things, my way.

Although I could be getting all worked up over nothing.

I pick up the keys for my new apartment this Thursday and at that point I can start moving stuff over gradually because we still have another two and a half weeks in our current home. I spent all day Saturday cleaning our gross backyard  and I am rejoicing I only have a tiny balcony to take care of now.

I had a very nice weekend, though. My parents came to visit on Friday and on Friday night my (ex)partner took them around some local nightlife while I had to work. Saturday, was cleaning as I said, and Sunday we went to the markets over the other side of the city which were quite cool. I brought a lot.

Unfortunately I am feeling rather woozy because on both Friday and Sunday mornings I forgot to take my medication and didn’t realise until the early afternoon. Man, it hits you like a pick-up truck – I could hardly keep my eyes open. I’m hoping that groggy feeling will go away though as I continue to take them on time.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Things are a little awkward, but survivable.


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