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The Many Paths To Open The Heart

Hello Internet Land!

I apologise for my lack of interaction with you all, but my life has sort of been full on!

The holiday that my partner and I went on was fabulous and taking a dip in the ocean was just wonderful. I was surprised how much I missed it when I was out there bobbing in the waves.
My partner was finally himself, not worrying about money or business but intent on having a great time. I even had my first alcoholic drink in a long, long time with him over dinner. Straight Malibu – basically because I knew white rum wouldn’t upset my stomach.

The energy around my partner is much better – he is not depressed anymore which is wonderful – and now that I am helping him with all the business stuff he doesn’t feel as stressed.
I, however, am so far not getting any further help around the house, but I actually don’t mind too much. With all of these tools I have to boost my energy I am finding I am coming home feeling great.

Work has been busy for me, my managers have been giving me lots of tasks which have just made the days fly past. I’m fitting back in nicely and I love it.

I’ve also met a very interesting person as well. He is a guard, like my partner when I met him, and he has the most joy I have ever seen in a person. Every day he comes to work he has a huge smile on his face, a song in his heart, and without exception has always answered, “fantastic” or “awesome” when I ask him how he is day.

I said to him one day, “so what’s your secret? Why are you so happy every day?” and the answer was quite simple – he had found Christ. Now I’m not a judgemental person, so to hear that made absolutely perfect sense to me and I marveled at how much faith and love he had in such a simple concept. Of course, I don’t understand how he feels or what relationship he has to it all, but I am also so invigorated around him.

We began to chat one day about beliefs which got him quite excited because apart from the whole accepting Christ as the way to God thing we have a surprisingly large amount of beliefs in common.

Yesterday, he asked me when my birthday was, and I told him. He got that huge smile on his face that he always gets when something amuses him and laughed. It’s an infectious laugh and I can’t help but smile too. I ask him when his is, and we found out that we are born in the same month and only 3 days apart (oh, and 5 years.)

That’s the kind of happiness I would like to have in me every day, no matter what’s happening. To have my heart that open is my goal, however I’m not sure that his path is the right path for me. It’s just nice to have that kind of example around you, you know? By the end of yesterday I was even whistling to myself.

Anyway, I have an acupuncture at 11 am so I best be off.



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