Allergic To Life


I wake up every day with itchy eyes, runny nose, and the beginnings of a tickle in my throat. Well, I don’t wake up like that, but it happens as soon as I get up and about. I figure I’m allergic to life! Just kidding, I suppose it is something in this house but I have no idea what.

So the apartment thing sort of fell through. We had to chase them up about it all because they didn’t get back to us (my partner and I). In the end the owner didn’t agree to me because he wasn’t to keen on the idea of birds. I even wrote on my application that the birds could be looked after elsewhere, but I guess it’s not to be.

Weird though, considering how sure I felt about it.

The lady is going to suss out a few of the other ones for us, but our hearts aren’t really in it anymore. There are plenty of other apartments for $30 a week less (in some cases $50) in the general area – all we’d be paying extra for is a pool and gym, but how often do I use those?!

I guess the search continues.

My partner and I are going on a mini holiday this weekend. Since we didn’t get to properly celebrate Valentine’s Day last weekend, and we are both desperate to get away, we decided to go down the coast. I am looking forward to putting my feet in the ocean again.

Anyway, I must be off – I’ve picked up a little overtime today so I’ve got to get ready for work!


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