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He Emptied The Dishwasher And I Swooned

Ah, blessed is the morning where I don’t have to get out of bed at 7 AM.

My partner woke me up at around 9 AM; he sat down on the couch which often results in him accidentally falling asleep. I can’t remember what we talked about but he was very affectionate. When I rolled out of bed and headed to the kitchen to do my usual morning routine I was pleasantly surprise to find the dishwasher was empty!

Had the dishwasher-emptying fairy been?

No, it was my partner! It’s a miracle! He took me in his arms, said, “it’s what I should be doing anyway” and I swooned.

Anyway, it’s my first day off work after my 4 days on and I’m so in love. If today were a big pile of money, I would be rolling around in it. Towards the end of yesterday it was a real struggle to get to 4 PM. My anxiety was fine, I was just beginning to become dazed and confused. As I left work I said to myself, “no wonder I’m exhausted and tired – I only ate a banana, banana bar and pasta the whole day.” Definitely not enough to keep someone who is on their feet constantly going.

So I have to have a big, long, hard think about what I can eat throughout the day that will keep me going but is quick and simple.

So, what to do today?

I am partial to playing some music. I haven’t touched my new violin for what seems like forever. I was also thinking about doing a painting, but I also have some errands I need to do.

I’m also considering attacking the spiders in the backyard – we have a lot of red-backs out there that just seem to come from nowhere after we get rid of them all. They keep to themselves mostly, but I don’t want to accidentally have any part of my body come into contact with one.

Haven’t heard anything about the apartments yet, which is a little odd because usually I get a call within the first 2 days. However, this apartment complex has a LOT of apartments for rent, so I imagine there are a lot of applications to get through.


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