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I’m Going To Become A Tree!


Well hello from Valentines Day! I am at work (it’s my first day in the rostered position) and so my partner and I decided to put it off for a week, we were thinking of going down the coast to do something together.

I don’t really think boys are dumb, boys are the kind of person I tend to get along with (or girls who aren’t so “girly-girl”) but I saw this picture and I couldn’t pass it up.
The above saying made me think of movies when the subject of how “women are” comes up, and they list all the things we ask for, all the things we nag about, making fun of what we except out of a relationship and then claim to have absolutely no idea how to make a woman happy.
It’s like, are you kidding me? You just listed EVERYTHING A WOMAN WANTS and then turn around and call us crazy? *Tisk Tisk*

I don’t necessarily believe Valentines is an important day in the scheme of things but then again I’ve never been with anyone who is very flamboyant when it comes to expressing their love (including myself, mind you.) I wanted to do a whole lot more today but with the whole moving saga taking up a majority of my energy I didn’t have the time. I became tunnel-visioned.

I am a lot more of a “just because” person. I’ll buy a gift for someone if I see it and think, “oh, such-and-such will LOVE that!”

I’m hoping that I can focus a little more on my heart this coming week. I’m going to try and open myself up a little more; as much as I love others I find it hard to accept love back. Attention and admiration make me blush! What can I say?!

My acupuncturist told me I have a lot of “metal” around my heart, acting as a sort of shield. The problem is that it is shielded in the same way you would hold a wild butterfly in your hands – shielding it from the outside world, but also in a way that I can’t appreciate or connect with it myself. Metal in Chinese Medicine is connected with the Lungs and has a lot to do with the past: past experiences, past hurt, all that type of thing. She suggested I start to imagine wood around that shield, and slowly dissolving the metal. Wood, she says, is much more flexible – it can sway and bend out of place and that the seed of a plant or tree will find a way through almost any environment in order to grow.

I’m sure you’ve probably seen these examples, but here’s what I mean:

treethroughrock tree-growing-through-piano


I am hoping that the time spent in my own apartment again will help me to keep the energy of joy going. I often find that when I do re-balance my heart and joy I am very much swayed by my partner – some things he does and says can hurt my heart, and so back it retreats into it’s safe metal shell.

I however get stuck with no passion, no vitality and just feel very blah.

Anyway, I’ve gone on and gone, haven’t I?

I hope everyone feels some joy in their heart today, whether it is the love of a Valentine, the love of family, your pets, music, cooking, whatever it is!



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