What Ever Doesn’t Kill You

Sunday, Sunday, everyone get down on Sunday!

Each day I get a little stronger, feel myself being able to handle more and more. I am now 2 down on my goal list (which you can see in my previous post) – I performed two songs for my parents yesterday – and I’ve printed out music sheets ready for me to notate my first song.

I had a chat to my supervisor yesterday about the possibility of being extended in my role. He said that they had seen my new enthusiasm and dedication, and that I’m meeting the requirements, but understandably have reservations as I would have to come in on consecutive days in a row and I haven’t had a great history with that. All I can do now is state my case to the mangers and hope for the best. At least I know that I won’t lose my job.

Unfortunately my partner has been quite depressed lately, as he too is having second thoughts about what to do. Whether to travel, stay with me and start a family, us having a break, all that fun stuff. Of course it all steams from him not feeling free, and he equates that with money. I am happy with whatever he chooses, I’ll love him all the same.

Tomorrow afternoon I am babysitting three kids for my yoga teacher. I thought she only had one, so I was happy to agree to it, but three! She assures me that they are all very well behaved and happy to do their own thing half the time so it’s possible all I’ll have to do is sit and read a book or something. I’m thinking about taking my movies over and perhaps sitting down together to watch something. They also have a dog so she suggested taking it for a walk if we wanted to.

i am a little anxious about the whole thing, for old reasons – namely that I am responsible for three children who aren’t mine, and so I feel “stuck” there. If it’s only for 2 hours and we watch a movie then I’m sure the time will just fly by, and I bet once I’m there doing it I won’t even think about it. Plus, I can always call on my partner or friend to come over.


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