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Reach For The Sky – How I’m Learning Not To Suck At Realistic Goal Setting

I was thinking about what to name this post, about goals and such, and all I could think of was Woody saying, “reach for the sky!” and “somebody poisoned the waterhole!”

Who says I can’t say focused?

So, yes, this post will be about goals and what I’m learning about how to reach them. I have a habit of starting things and not finishing them, having them hang around for months or years at a time, and then feeling upset or disheartened that “hey, look at that, I didn’t accomplish anything – I must suck at life.”

No, I suck at setting realistic targets.

Thankfully I have someone close to me now who is teaching me how to break major goals down into doable steps, and so I spent some time yesterday thinking about how to do so for my dream of being a musician.

Firstly I had to figure out what went into being a musician, and I came up with 7 things:

Songs (repertoire)
Notations (written music)

These are the corner stones, to me, of being a musician. Now that I have those under my belt, I can break each category down into small goals to reach.

Once I have completed each goal in each category, I then have a reward to look forward to. My reward after the first set of targets is that I can use social media/games on my phone/computer again. I’m not counting WordPress as part of this reward because I don’t really use it on my phone and I don’t tend to spend hours on here. I post, do a little catch up on the blogs I follow, and then move along.

So, none of all that fun stuff until I’m done with the first goal list, which is as follows:

Instrument – Learn 1 new song (not mine)
Songs – Finish and record 1 of my own songs (can be rough recording on iPhone)
Notations – Complete 1 song
Performances – Play one of my songs for someone
Self-confidence – Get hair either cut or coloured
Passion – Keep the heart happy
Fans/People – Write a list of people I can remember who complimented me on my music

As you can see, there’s nothing on there that is overwhelming. I’m not making one of my goals “play for 20 people in a cafe” straight away because I would just run and hide from that one. All of these goals are doable, and I have already done one!

Having the reward in my pocket is a great motivator as well. I have recently started playing words with friends, and I was concerned because if I was away from the games on my phone too long then they might get frustrated – however, the sooner I get this list done, the sooner I can get back to it!

I also have no ink in the printer so it’s motivating me to get small odd jobs done (because I need to print off more sheet music paper to write the song on!)


So, as you can probably tell, I am feeling generally great. I am going to see my naturopath this afternoon for a bit of a check up. I am waking up feeling groggy (which I assume has something to do with my liver) and also some other small issues I need to get fixed.

My parents are also coming over this weekend and should be here in about an hour. I am looking forward to it! My father has painted something for me so I’m excited to see what he’s done.

Lastly, I FINALLY brought a sheet for the bed (cause it’s so darn hot) and also a new doona cover. It’s really brightened up the room and I have been getting urges to relax on the bed and read a book.



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