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Two Earth-Shattering Ideas And It’s Only The Middle Of January!

So if you read my other post you’d know that the first bright idea for 2015 (from my partner) is to try and get pregnant. You can read that entry if you’d like to know how I reacted to that one.

My partner came home yesterday, grabbed me, sat me down and said, “let’s go to Europe this year!” I sort of just stood there and looked at him, thankfully not having a total meltdown and trying desperately to exit my body and be somewhere else.

When he got down to the nitty-gritty I soon discovered that his older brother is getting married again (he only got divorced last year) and so of course my partner wants to go over for the wedding and thought it would also be a good time to go on holidays.

Weirdly enough I wasn’t repelled by the idea like I usually am, possibly because I’d just come back from an appointment with my wonderful acupuncturist. I would love to do a little traveling – but my first ever plane ride/trip out of the country and it’s straight to Europe? Well, I do have a habit of jumping straight into the deep end.

I haven’t said yes or no, I need some time to process it, but I’m glad I’m thinking about it from a, “would I like to have a holiday in Europe?” point of view rather than a, “I can’t be expected to do that – what of my anxiety, health and what not?”

My partner said that even if I decide not to go he is excited because we can chat on Skype again like we did when we first started dating.

I guess the biggest difference about this decision compared to the others I’ve been faced with is it’s not one I can put off until the last minute. It’s a commitment I’ll have to follow through on. When I’m on that plane I can’t turn around and go home!

To tell you the truth the idea sort of excites me – not being stuck on an airplane for hours, or feeling awkward around his family because I won’t speak their language – but the exploration and seeing new things sounds fantastic. Being able to actually stand in another country and see the sights I’ve only seen on my computer screen… it’s enticing!

So, yeah, only 2 weeks into the year and the possibility of two great changes in my life!


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