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Lonely Times

Today I was going to send my partner a gift basket for his birthday – that was until I realised it was going to cost me $70. What was I going to get for $70? About 13 white chocolate balls, a whole bunch of pretty coloured paper and a small pot. Thankfully my sanity over came my giving nature at the checkout and I thought to myself I could do a lot better than that with that amount of money!

So I’m thinking of going to the supermarket or markets and buying him a whole bunch of stuff I know he’d love – stuff from where he grew up, make him feel like a kid again!

I’m hoping I have the energy after work today.

Unfortunately he’s been spending an awful lot of time on computers lately so I feel at times that I’m living by myself. I do prefer being able to do my own thing when I want to but it seems as though my partner is focusing too much on money again and it makes him truly unhappy. I try to cheer him up as best I can, by just being generally joyful and a pleasure to be around but it’s seem lying a lonely life right now.

Going on from the age theme from my last post I heard a teenager say today “oh wait, I was born in 1998!”

Feeling old now!

I’m catching up with a friend tomorrow afternoon – I haven’t seen her since before Christmas. We plan to go down to the lake for a bit of a picnic but the weather has been sort of unpredictable lately so we’ll see.



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