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Are You Over 18?

I had a really great day yesterday. I got a lot done and I felt fantastic.

At night I had organised a surprise for my partner – going to the movies to see the final installment of The Hobbit. I managed to keep the guessing going right up to when the film started playing which was a great feat – usually the movie you’re seeing is the only words the ushers know!

When I was picking up the tickets the girl behind the counter asked, “are you over 18?” to which I laughed and said, “yes.” I don’t think she would have believed me if I said I was 10 years older than that!

My partner enjoyed the film, probably because it was filled with action unlike the first two movies. I would have to say I enjoyed the book far more but I sort of understand why they took liberties with it. The book is far less aggressive, with not as many characters in it, plus you don’t really know what Gandalf got up to on his little side mission until sort of at the end – I suppose because the book is told from Bilbo’s point of view.

I sort of wished a little that I hadn’t read the book because I knew exactly what was going to happen. Took all the fun out of it!

I can’t really believe it is Thursday already! I’ve been keeping myself busy each day and I have to say it feels great. I have a habit of wearing myself out when I start to feel good so I think today will be a rest day. Might give myself a foot rub, watch a funny movie, and relax.

I haven’t had any misplaced anxiety either. There was one episode with an unmarked police car which got my heart pumping but that’s a normal reaction. Both me and the car in front of me thought we were the ones being pulled over, but when we moved to the side the car took off ahead of us. Took a while for the nerves to calm down after that, I can tell you!

I haven’t felt inspired to play any music yet this year, but I and holding out hope that all the positive energy going around will kick in soon!


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