Impromptu Beach

Today I’m back from an impromptu coastal trip!

Sitting at work on Friday I knew that both my partner and I needed to get out of town, even if it was just for the day. My partner messaged back saying that his friends, who had recently moved down, were happy to see us and also offered for us to stay with them.

That night my partner said something that really hurt my feelings to which he said, “no coast for you then ’cause you’re sad” (I know it doesn’t sound serious, but at the time he was) and I said, “f**k that, I’m not sitting around the house all weekend feeling unhappy.”

I think the reason why things are getting so stressful in our household is because we don’t get away enough. That was the first trip we’ve taken together this year (I think.)

It was so rejuvenating! I miss the ocean – my family would always go there at least once a year or two, whether it was in the Summer or Winter. Nothing beats standing with your feet in the sand, having the waves lap at your toes, and looking out over the expansive blue. It takes you away from everything instantly.

All you can hear is the crashing of the waves and it blocks everything else out. I have to be careful my imagination doesn’t run away though.

My partner managed to hurt his foot – we found a dead crab and my partner’s friend picked it up and scared my partner with it. In order to steady himself on the rocks, my partner took a step back and cut his foot on the jagged bits.

I had a wonderful time.

I wasn’t sick at all. I think that could quite possibly be the first time I’ve been on holidays with my partner and not been sick in any way – stomach or anxiety.

So soothing, so relaxing.




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