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Two Bubble Baths Later…

Hi blog, sorry I’ve neglected you. I had a really awful pain in my neck (literally) for the past 4 days. It took lots of self-massaging, 2 bubble baths, deep heat and staying away from sitting down at the usual computer position to help it go away.

Only a week until Christmas, where did the year go? Christmas is my favourite time of year – I just love being with my family and relaxing. It’s the one time of year where there’s no pressure or drama (for me.)

I’m still taking my medication and I’m still uncertain as to it’s validity. All I know is my liver is under stress because I wake up every morning with allergy symptoms (even though I cleaned the house from top to bottom a couple of days ago – which, come to think of it, probably didn’t help my sore neck.)

My lion painting is sitting on my desk staring at me. He’s saying, “all I need are whiskers and I’m finished!” Why can’t I just paint some stupid lines on a canvas?

IMG_4073 copy

I guess we’ll never know.


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