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Another Week Down

Friday already, where does time go?

I’ve been taking my anti-anxiety medication for a week now, and apart from feeling shaky when I get out of bed in the morning, I don’t feel all that different. Actually, there is one thing that’s changed; I’m getting really bad heartburn from these tablets – just like I did when I took the autoimmune drugs all those years ago.

Anywhos, I think today I might venture out of the house and go for a quick drive. I’m not scared of doing so, I just haven’t really slept that well since taking the meds and it leaves me feeling groggy. I think as long as I don’t get stuck in front of the T.V. or at my computer all day, keep moving and do some things that stimulate my mind I’ll be able to accomplish my goal.

My partner’s nephew is coming to stay with us for yet ANOTHER weekend, but I think this is the last one that we’ll get to see him before he goes back to Europe. They were going to have a BBQ tomorrow night but thankfully another of my partner’s friends was having a party that night too, so they’ve decided to all go to his house instead of having it at ours.

I’ve almost finished reading The Hobbit – I picked the book up at my parents house because I needed something to do while the medication settled into my system. The new movies depicting the book are very different. In every scene in the movie there is at least something that’s different from the book. I’m interested in seeing the last installment of the movie now to compare the two.

I forgot how fun it is to read and let my imagination go crazy in a good way.


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