Medication Sucks

Although I won’t be posting this until much later, I am currently up and awake at 3:45 am. I don’t want to be, but I am.

On Friday I started on an anti-anxiety medication which all together didn’t make me feel that bad. I have some annoying nausea from time to time but I’ve found that if I eat pretty constantly during the day it doesn’t bother me.

The thing that has me pretty worn out is the fact that my body isn’t sleeping 8 hours straight anymore. I am so worn out that I’m in bed by 9:30 pm, sleep until 12:30 am, then I’m pretty much wide awake and roll around in bed for the rest of the night until the sun comes up – then, apparently, I can sleep.

But I can’t sleep in, because I have to be up to take my medication at around 8:30 am. So it takes me a while to wake up, but by the time I’m having lunch I need to go have a lay down.

Now I know why my best friend in high school who was on anti-depressants didn’t sleep at all.

I am supposed to keep taking this stuff “no matter what” for 10 days before I see my doctor again, but I can’t walk around like a zombie for that long. Sort of defeats the purpose of taking it. Perhaps the dosage is too high?

I haven’t really had the chance to test if it is working on my anxiety either, because I’m too tired to do anything or go anywhere. I can feel that it has calmed me down though, so much so that my partner can jump out and scare the living daylights out of me – were as he couldn’t do that before.


Last Thursday I decided to go back to my hometown and stay with my parents on their farm for a couple of days. It was nice and relaxing – I miss being able to walk out the back door onto handfuls of land where you can’t hear a car go by every 2 seconds. I would have stayed there for more days, but I am allergic to something in the house and the longer I stay there the worse it gets.

On Saturday my parents and I ran into one of my old friends from Primary School. They talk to her all the time, but this was the first time I’d seen her for a long while. She has twin boys who are now 8 years old and had brought a small business (which is where we found her.)

I said goodbye to my parents on Sunday and came home (well, my mother drove me back.)


Now I sort of just have to wait out the next 6 days.


One thought on “Medication Sucks

  1. Anxiety medicine can be taken either in the morning or at night. Unless you say something otherwise, your doctor just chooses one to put on the bottle. If it keeps you up at night, you can take it in the morning. It can either make you sleepy or wide awake.

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