A Billion Degrees

Well, THAT was a doosey of a weekend!

I really cannot tell you how hot it was yesterday. The weather people said 39 degrees at one point (102ish F) but it honestly felt like a billion degrees. My partner and I struggled to sleep last night due to the fact that WE HAVE NO AIR CONDITIONING and there was literally no breeze.

When we were considering moving into this place we asked the owners if they would put in an air con unit but they declined. They said, and I quote, “It doesn’t really get hot in the house.”

You can’t see it but I’m rolling my eyes.

The great thing to come out of the mess that was the last few days is the fact that my partner and I got three bags full of vegetables and a whole tray of mangoes for $50. The markets always reduces perfectly good produce on the last day of trading for the week – so it’s easy to pick up a whole bag of something for $1 or $2.



Annnnnnd just like that I’m regretting the decision I made to get out of bed this morning.


Deep breaths.

Only another possible 60 years left to go.


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