The Deepest Place On Earth

Sometimes in life you hit rock bottom, and often the only way to go from there is up – rebuild, rethink, renew. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Well I seem to have found a place lower than rock bottom… let’s call it the The Challenger Deep bottom (in reference to the deepest place in the Mariana Trench at the lowest point of Earth’s ocean).

You know the weird thing is every time I get extremely happy with my life I often open my mouth and pray for things to get even better, for me to find my calling, for my life to be everything I hoped it would be, then something invariably is pulled out from under me – stable, steady, take-it-right-to-the-bank things that I love in my life gone. Swoosh, zap, bam; gone.

I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, so I’m sure that in a few months time I will see why things have gone belly up but right now I am just in a whole world of emotional hurt.

It was a struggle to get out of bed this morning, but I knew if I didn’t get on with my day-to-day things… well, that’s paramount to giving up and I don’t want to give up.

If I can’t fit into this world the normal way then I’ll just have to carve out a way for myself.


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