I Can Make You Dream

Ah, the soothing sound of a cockatiel yelling in the morning…

Last night marked the first time my partner and I have slept in the same bed for I think about a week or so. It went a lot better than I expected – he didn’t really snore all that much and I wasn’t waking up every couple of hours feeling ill.

However I do make my partner dream. DON’T ASK ME HOW THAT WORKS, because I have no idea, but if you’re ever going to sleep in the same room as me, be prepared to have vivid dreams.

My partner woke at some time during the night all startled. I asked him this morning what he was having a nightmare about and he said he didn’t remember. He always complains when he comes home from work that sleeping next to me is hard because of all the dreams he has, but to be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve slept at all unless I dream so it’s normal for me.

I am feeling a little bit better, not so much physically yet but definitely mentally. I’m really proud of myself for jumping on this straight away and going to see my health dude about it, and having stuff that I can take – and also knowing that it works to help get me back on track – puts my mind at ease.

Well, I have to eat my brunch and then get started on cleaning up the house. My partner’s nephew is staying with us, again, for what might be the final time before he heads back over to Europe, and I can’t very well have messiness everywhere now can I?


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