The More Complex Side Of Healthy Food (Or: I Think I Broke My Bullet)

So a friend of mine sent me a recipe for some very simple cookies. It only had 4 ingredients – Macadamia nuts, Medjool dates, Vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.


I was pretty excited to make some… until I kind of realised I didn’t have the best equipment for the job.

At first I tried to mix all of these ingredients in my blender, but it didn’t really work out. Obviously the blade in my blender – while very sharp – is not the correct shape to keep rotating a somewhat sticky mixture that clumps.

After that, I transferred the mixture into my Bullet. Things were going really well once I figured out how to actually get the mixture to stay around the blades…

…that was until the bullet started to smoke.

Now I know that the Bullet only has a smallish motor, so keeping it running for long periods of time is not recommended, but apparently I didn’t think the laws of physics applied to me. To add insult to injury I was making this little Bullet-who-could mix what could only be described as the densest mixture on the planet.

So this weird burning smell fills the kitchen and when I look over at the bullet little whips of smoke were slowly rising. I stopped the machine, held my breath as I wrestled with all the entangled appliance cords, and took the machine outside.

Before I tried to end the life of my Bullet prematurely, I managed to get enough smooth batter to make half a dozen cookies, which were quite nice (not delicious, but alright – however definitely not worth losing a beloved kitchen friend over.) I think the instructions recommend a long period of time between uses if this kind of thing happens so I’m not game enough to plug it back into the wall until tomorrow.

Below is a photo of the remaining mixture that my partner didn’t want to “waste” – so he just slopped it all on a baking sheet and bunged it back into the oven. It may look like someone’s been sick and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bake it, but it tastes a whole lot better than it looks, honestly!


Nailed it!


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