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My Second Brain Hurts

I watched this really interesting show last night called Cities Of The Underworld and learned a lot of new, interesting things. Like the fact that Ninjas worked independently – as in they had no masters and could pick up work where ever they pleased – where as Samurai warriors were the military of feudal Japan.

However I did have another rough night, this time adding a weird ache in my head to the upset stomach I’ve been feeling the past couple of days. My morning yesterday was quite productive – I managed to clean the laundry, bedroom, put two loads of washing on, clean the lounge room and the kitchen and put all the clothes away. I’m not really certain as to why everything went downhill so fast.

This morning I was successful in getting my partner out of bed and off to work before 8 am. I was exhausted, but I moved all his bedding so he couldn’t go back to sleep, made him some toast for breakfast and said goodbye as he walked out the door. Then I jumped back into bed!

I’m not too sure what to do today. I am still suffering from a symptom of forgetting to look after my gut health which is perpetual tiredness. Eventually, when I keep taking my Slippery Elm and Inner Health Plus, that health will return to somewhat normal and the brain fog will lift.

I read somewhere that this symptom we call “foggy head” – when you can’t think straight or focus, when you feel like you’ve literally got a fog in your mind – is actually the brain’s way of registering that it’s in pain. Since the gut is a mini brain (well, I think scientist are finding out now it’s quite a big brain) it makes sense that damage to it would cause this kind of reaction. The last article I saw pop up about a week ago was about how gut health can affect mental health, namely that if the walls of the intestines were lacking in “good bacteria” and overrun by the bad, you had more a of risk of depression or anxiety.

That’s certainly been the case with me!

Alright, better go have something of breakfast.


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