A Gold Star For Me

It’s shaping up to be another very warm day here!

So jumping out of bed early didn’t quite work out – I set my alarm for around 7:20 am so that I could help my partner wake up for work, but as soon as I was up and about I knew I wanted to go back to bed. Another sort-of-late start to the day.

However, as soon as I’d dropped my partner off at work sometime before 10 am, I went straight to putting a load of washing on and cleaning up the space in our laundry. It was so unbelievably messy – you’d like that a whole bunch of college guys lived in this house. I’m quite proud of it now… I keep doing that thing where you go back and look at the wonderful task you just accomplished over and over again. If I had a gold star I would definitely give myself one.

I’m hoping to keep this momentum going because there are certainly a lot of tasks around the house that need doing.

Best thing for it is to make a list, me thinks!

Hope everyone enjoys/has enjoyed their day.



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