It’s All Quiet On The AA Front

This is the first time I’ve actually wanted to sit down and write for the past couple of days. I’ve been pretty much preoccupied doing other things – even if those other things are just sitting quietly alone and contemplating life.

I’ve been feeling quite ill in the stomach lately but I think I know why. Every time I take a break with my Slippery Elm powder and Inner Health Plus probiotics things usually start going downhill. I’m back on it today though, and then again tonight, so things don’t get worse.

My weekend was pretty much filled with work, and even though I had a really bad week with my anxiety and panic, I managed to drive myself both times without any drama.

Friday night was pretty exciting – my partner went out in the city with a friend, but his friend ditched him, so he decided to walk home… the whole 9kms home. I woke up very unwell, dizzy, sick, all that fun stuff, to his message saying he really needed my help. If I had been feeling okay I would have not hesitated to pick him up, but well, sick and all that.

In the end I sucked it up and jumped in my car at almost 2 am to go find him. When I eventually did it was a pretty funny sight – it looked like all of his limbs were working independently from each other, you know, the “drunk person” walk. I was super surprised I made it past the first set of traffic lights to be completely honest – not because of the anxiety, more the fact that I was feeling quite light-headed and super tired.

The next day I had to work, but after all that I felt better rested during the day than Sunday. I think that proves that even though these little hiccups in life are sometimes terrifying for me – I think they do me some good. Everyone needs a little excitement in their lives!

Today (Tuesday) it’s my job to decorate the Christmas tree.

We put the birds in and as you can probably tell, Monkey hated it. He is a little like me; super anxious when it comes to new experiences. Sandy, however, didn’t really mind. She was more concerned about the bright down lights than anything else.


That’s pretty much all from me for now; not feeling at all like my normal, writing self.


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