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I’m A Girl, And Sometimes I Gotta Talk About Girl Things

Just doing a quick post tonight – my partner has gone out with his friend and I have the house to myself.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my diet lately… things have been pretty lax. I’ve let my laziness get in the way of making sure I’m well fed and I’m really noticing the effects of it, especially now (it is that time of the month for me.)

Things that I do regarding my diet I sometimes get bored with – like having a banana smoothie for breakfast with my protein powder and green powder in it. It is delicious, I often mix it up with other fruits, but after a couple of days I start to crave variety OR I run out of bananas. That’s where I think my downfall is.

After days on this type of breakfast I really do start to feel a whole lot better in small, seemingly insignificant ways. I have just a little more energy each morning, I begin to stop needing an afternoon nap, my anxiety is easier to control – sometimes not even an issue – and I don’t get as upset about things. My mind is clearer, I feel better. Even “that time of the month” goes smoother; no cramps, no weird hormonal changes that effect me or my mood, and I barely even notice it.

At the moment, though, I am noticing EV.ER.Y THIIING.

I’ve even had more anxiety/panic in the past week than I think I’ve experienced in the past 4 or even 5 months. I’m talking about this because it’s reminded me that I used to get really bad anxiety around this time in my cycle but since eating mostly fruit and vegetables I barely notice changes at all. If anything my mood becomes balanced.

Why try and change something that’s working? Sometimes adding variety in your life works but in this case I think doing the same thing day in, day out may be the best thing for me.

I’m not going to give myself too much crap for it though – I’ve been sick over the last 2 weeks and I couldn’t feed myself properly.

HA! Funny thing is my partner is still sick from this flu as well. He has had the past 3 days off work (which he never does) and I went with him today to see the doctor. When we were leaving the mall he said, “it’s all your fault!” in a joking manner. Funny thing was I told him I was really sick when he got home from Sydney those two weekends ago but he didn’t believe me and suck his tongue down my throat saying, “I don’t care, give it to me! I don’t want to go to work tomorrow” so jokes on him. When I reminded him of that he said, “yeah, but I didn’t know you had some kind of super-mutated what-ever-the-hell you have.”

A girl never gets any sympathy.




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