The Circle Of Cleaning (Like The Circle Of Life, Except Less Important.)

I always get excited when my partner tackles the mess that is his office desk, because I’m a bit of a minimalist. I like a house that has the least amount of “stuff” visible. I could care less if the cupboards were messy and disorganised – as long as the space I can see has as little crowding it as possible. My mind is a crowded place already, and if my outside world is crowded too, well, you get the idea.

Anyway, my partner decided to sell two of his computer monitors and in the process began the mammoth task of cleaning off his desk. Unfortunately, most of the stuff on his desk ends up on the floor. All these little bits and pieces scattered all over the place. This is the part I am sort of less excited about. I can’t really do much to help him at this point because I don’t know what’s important to him and what’s not. That’d be like him trying to clean my desk – in which case he would probably just throw everything out!

This house, for whatever reason, is really pointing out why you need to clean at least, like, once a week. I’ve noticed when I dust off my piano lid or the thing the T.V. sits on top of in the lounge room, dust appears 2 days later as if dust fairies have parties when we’re asleep.

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Oh and the birds! What little grubs they are! Sweep under the cage and 5 minutes later there are seed cases and feathers all over the place. For two tiny creatures they do make one hell of a giant mess.

I feel sorry for stay-at-home parents who get a bad wrap. Cleaning a house is hard enough work for someone like me who doesn’t have kids. Golly, imagine the mess those little rug rats would make! Not to mention you have to do all the cooking and cleaning AND looking after kids. No wonder people hire help.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m still not 100% away from this dreaded flu virus – last night my brain started to have a whinge that it was tired and needed sleep before it was even 10 am. Either way, I couldn’t ignore it and had to comply. I am supposed to be working tomorrow all day… let’s see how successful that is!


Side note: I’m a little bit angry at this flu, it came at a very inopportune time. I’m trying to convince my managers at work that I am capable and ready to take on more, and then I get sick. *sigh*


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