Thanks, Flu. I Feel Better Already.

The only thing I love about getting sick, or getting the flu, (because we all LOVE to be sick!) is I become a much more relaxed person.

Here are some things that happened today that have just made me feel super, even though I still feel pretty terrible physically.

When I grabbed a banana and sat down on the lounge this morning to eat it, my partner began to mimic me. Every time I chewed, he would chew. Every time I took a bite, he would bite the air – and he did it all with the straightest face I have ever seen.

And I laughed… I went crazy. Have you ever seen those viral videos online where the kid is laughing it’s head off at the dog who’s biting at bubbles? Well, that was me. I could not contain myself. The more I chewed and the more he mimicked me with a straight face the more I laughed. I almost lost a mouthful of banana. After a while I literally ended up saying, “no! Stop! Don’t! I need to eat my banana.”

A bit later on in the day, my partner took me to have lunch and I took my puzzle book with me. We sat and enjoyed ourselves and I was finally just comfortable being out and doing my own thing. Anyway, on the way home we stopped at the supermarket so I could grab a bag of chips. As my partner pulled into a car parking space I looked up at the car next to him and there was a kid just sitting there staring at us.

And what do you know? I burst into laughter again. I’m not sure why straight faces are cracking me up, but I just couldn’t contain myself. As I got out of the car, I said to my partner, “God, I love people!”

Just now, as I sit on the lounge with a blanket around my legs and the T.V. blasting the show my partner and I are currently watching together, I am actually laughing. Usually I think way too much about the episode (you know, theorizing what will come next so it’s no surprise when it does) or I’m too busy holding onto being angry or upset about something that happened, or just general upset about my life.

I could say I wish I was over this flu but it’s helping me loosen up.


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